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Located and manufactured in West Yorkshire, UK, Sureair’s mission is to provide a solution to odour problems without the use of toxic chemicals. Our flagship Gels and Sprays are non-toxic, pet friendly and contain no harmful chemicals whatsoever. The industry solution at present is to mask the odour by spraying toxic chemicals, Sureair has finally offered an ecofriendly solution to your odour issues, the clever formula reacts with the odour molecules and kills the odour effectively without any noxious substances and smells

The aim is to remove the odour and leave a pleasant background fragrance, and the really clever part is the Sureair Gel when used with the Neutrabreeze Fan -it will ‘sit ‘ quietly near the odour and unlike aerosols /sprays you do not have to repeat regularly, it is a cost-effective, permanent solution

We offer bespoke solutions for commercial customers,-we are working now with Zoos, Holiday parks, Pet Hotels, Valeting companies as examples -please get in touch with ourselves directly or a Distributor in your particular field – see the Distributor tab.

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