Sureair Zn Pro Spray 500ml


UK’s Leading brand in Odour Neutralization

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Sureair sprays are a liquid concentrate. The spray has been designed to increase its’ effectiveness, minimising the time it takes the atomized droplets to permeate the environment into which they are released. This provides a quicker and more intense action against unwanted odours.

The latest addition to the Sureair range!

Zn–Pro is the only Odour Neutralizer on the market using Zinc Technology to eliminate unwanted odours. The Zn-Pro range is unique in that it contains Zinc Ricinoleate which works alongside our existing Sureair Odour Neutralizing agent. The result is the most effective odour neutralizer on the market today.

Zinc Ricinoleate is used widely in cosmetics and personal care products, specifically in the household brands of deodorants. Sureair has adapted and modified this technology for use with our formulations.

Zn-Pro differs to the other products in our range in that it is only lightly fragranced with an ‘Ocean Fresh‘ aroma. As with all our Sureair products it is safe, non-toxic, vegan, and has had no testing on animals within its supply chain.

Three products are currently available within the Zn-Pro range: Gel in 1 litre jars and 5 litre Buckets, and a 500ml Trigger Spray.



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